There are some common issues seen in the computers which can be easily rectified. Proper troubleshooting is required to identify the root cause and solve these issues.
Here, we are discussing some of those common issues.

Heating problem

Heating problem of a system may be due to blocked cooling fan or a broken cooling fan. Another possible cause for heating may be due to the heat sink which is used to pull heat off the processor. Fan is placed over the processor to draw out the heat produced by the processor. If it is due to heat sink, we need to clear the existing heat sink, clean the processor and apply new heat sink. A broken cooling fan can be replaced, and a blocked cooling fan can be reused by cleaning the dust off its leaf.

Blue Screen error

Most of you might have seen this error at least once. This is a common error occurred due to faulty installation of any new hardware or software. It can also occur if your system got shutdown or restart unexpectedly. In most cases system needs to be restarted. Once it restarts, you need to uninstall and re-install any newly added hardware or software to fix this issue.

Deleted an important file.

It can happen to anyone. If it is a simple delete, you can restore it form the recycle bin. But, if you have done a permanent delete (Shift+ Del), then you might need an expert hand to recover your important data. We have specially designed applications to restore the permanently deleted files.

Noisy Hard Disk Drive

If you start hearing some grinding noise from your laptop, it is time to think about the hard disk replacement. It is better to consult a technician at the earliest. He can inspect the health of the hard disk and if required he will take the backup of your data and replace it with a new one if required.

Whatever issue you are facing with your system, PC Help Dock is there to help you.