Cyber-attacks are very common these days. A good number of such attacks occur due to compromised access to the user’s computers. This can happen when users try to open malicious attachments, click on spurious links in email or install cracked software, utilities and games in their computer. As a best practice to prevent such attacks and secure our devices and network, the most important thing we require is an Endpoint Antivirus solution.

Viruses affect the system in different ways. Some viruses will make your system slow whereas some others will stop the functioning of some utilities like Task Manager or calculator. Attackers can extract not only your data such as photo and videos, but also the credentials of your social media accounts and bank accounts saved in your browsers. If you sense that your computer is attacked by hackers, first thing to do is to disconnect it from the network. It will stop from further damage. After that, perform a detailed Antivirus scan. A good Antivirus with latest security updates installed can detect most of the malwares and threats.

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