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Great service

I have used these guys for multiple projects and for building and maintaining my website. Always a pleasure working with them

David Brown
March 22, 2021

PC Crash Repair

“My computer crashed and it looked like I wouldn’t be able to get my reports done on time, but one quick call to PChelpdock solved everything. Thoroughly recommend them to anyone who needs fast, quality repair work!”

Adam Collins
May 23, 2017

iMac Desktop Repair

“What a great service! The company staff explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. They are so patient and understanding, a delight to work with and extremely knowledgeable.”

Josh Blake
May 23, 2017

iMac Heating Problem Repair

“The customer service there is excellent and personable. Their repair service was effective and fast. Moreover, their prices were the best I could find. Overall, a first class service. I’m one happy customer.”

Ashlee Randall
May 16, 2017

The PC Tune Up service

My computer was running so slow I could barely use it. I called and ordered the PC Tune up and the tech worked on my machine for over three hours! It is much faster now and everything just seems to run smoother.

Great service that I would recommend to anyone.

Kevin Weiss
May 16, 2017

Whats in a name?

“With a name like PCHelpDock, I was sure this was the company for me. My PC was all jacked up and had a couple of virus’s and some malware. I bought the 1 year subscription service and have not been dissapointed yet. The company has cleaned up my computer once a month for the last three months and I could not be happier! Thank you PCHelpDock and specifically Charles who is always very nice when I talk to him and helps me to understand things that are being done.”

Martin Shultz
May 16, 2017


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