There may be many unused programs or programs which we do not require, present in our system. Some of these programs come preloaded with your new system and some of these gets installed when we install other programs. For example, if we try to install Adobe reader, it will automatically install McAfee. That is because you are simply clicking “Next”, “Next”, “Next”, “Install”. But if you carefully install the application you can see that there is one page in which we can actually uncheck the option to install McAfee. Similarly, many other software also tries to install some other software which we do not require. If there are software installed in your system in this way, or software which you were using and do not want to use in future, you can easily uninstall it. By doing this, you can save the storage space and the RAM.

In Windows 10, you can see “Type here to search” box in the task bar of your system desktop. Type “Add or remove programs” in the search box and click enter. There you can find the list of software installed in your system. Click on the program you want to uninstall. Then you can see “Modify” and “Uninstall” options under the program you wish to uninstall. Simply click on uninstall to remove the program from your system. Removing unwanted applications makes your system fast and save storage space.