With recent advances in Windows Cortana, and Siri, there are many possible smart home devices that will work with your operating system to control various aspects of your home. These all comes under Internet of Things (IoT) where all the devices are connected to internet and we can access them remotely which in turn can make our home smarter. Google and Amazon are also into this business with their voice assistant products Google Nest and Amazon Echo. Cortana and Siri are voice assistants whereas Google nest and Amazon Alexa are smart speakers which can dim the lights or turn down your TV volume as per our voice instructions.

There is also smart thermostat which we can access remotely and will adjust the temperature of our home remotely before we reach there on a cold evening. We can control at what time it should turn on and at what time it should turn off. Now we have smart security cameras, which we can access from any part of the world. Moreover, we can also use smart locks where we can use our biometrics to unlock the door. Smart televisions are also available these days which can run android applications and stream content directly on TV. We now even have Robotic Vacuum cleaners which once scheduled, it will complete the cleaning of our house without any human intervention. If the battery charge falls beyond a certain level, it will go to the charging station and charges automatically.

From simple lighting control to more advanced room control, audio video system control, lighting control and more, we can help plan and implement these devices, and help get you trained on the best usage.