No matter how careful you are, water spills can happen to anyone. The first and foremost thing to do if you spill liquied on your laptop is to power it off. Do not wait to save your working files or any unsaved data. The time is crucial here. Just power off the system. You can power it off by pressing the power button for few seconds or by normal shutdown method. If the laptop is connected to power source for charging, carefully turn the switch off and unplug the charger cable. Then carefully remove the battery if it is a model with removable battery. Some of the latest model laptops have non-removable battery. Also, disconnect any peripherals connected to the laptop such as keyboard, mouse or flash drive.

You can wipe the water on the body of the laptop using a paper towel or cotton cloth. Then flip your laptop upside down and let the water which got stuck inside to seep out causing lesser damage to the internal components. If you handle it carelessly, you may end up destroying the internal components and it may lead to data loss also. So, the laptop needs a professional touch. Our trained staff will disassemble the laptop and do proper examination of each components and will fix the issue.

Please note that do not use hairdryer or any direct heat methods to dry the laptop or any of the components.