It is annoying when your PC takes too much time to boot up. There are some ways through which you can lower your booting time and makes your PC faster. Some temporary files will be created in your system while you run some applications. Some applications will auto-start once you turn on your PC. These applications can be disabled from start-up which can lower the booting time and increase the performance of your PC. Also, with our PC tune up services, we can clear those unwanted temporary files and clear adware which were slowing down your browsers.

We also suggest you upgrade your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to a Solid-State Drive (SSD). You will be able to see drastic change in the performance. Your PC will boot up in very few seconds. Even though SSDs do not have lifespan as of HDD’s, considering its performance, it is advisable to upgrade. Adding more RAM is also advisable if you need more computing power. Unnecessary software should be removed in order to make your PC faster.

Our helpful PC Tune up service is available to you! We will do a 100 point tune up and have your pc running better with this service.